50A Flush Mount Car Cover plus Connectors


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50A Flush Mount Car Cover plus Connector

50A flush mount car cover includes a  connector and suits all truck and trailer requirements for Auxiliary Power.

  • Simple to install with hardware provided.
  • The LED’s in the cover indicate power is available.

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Electrical Facts

  • Dirty terminals are the second most significant cause of connection failure.
  • The most significant cause of electrical failure in caravans and trailers is oxidization inside the trailer plug.

Driving during rain events is unavoidable. Water from the road is sucked in in a vortex around the rear of the vehicle. This water enters unprotected electrical components unless these components are protected from water ingress.

It is essential to keep electrical connection dry otherwise they will fail.

How is water conductive?

Electricity passes along a stream of water from point A to a point B.

As a result, water provides a path between active and neutral conductors causing tracking. Once the water is removed, tracking ceases. However, water is a carrier of particles, as a result, tracking leaves a residual of iron or carbon which is visible.

The residue of iron, carbons, and salts causes a path for electricity to flow when the water dries up.

Tracking may cause power consumption and flat batteries even when not switched on. Dirty terminals cause tracking.

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Tracking is greatly reduced by the use of a plug cover.

The Anderson style plug cover prevents electricity from flowing between terminals.


  • Manufactured from heavy-duty materials the covers protect the power connectors from the elements
  • Compatible most power connector brands
  • Unique locking tab system secures mating connections
  • Snap-fit of power connector into the cover
  • Retractable access cover
  • Heavy duty PA nylon construction
  • Blister packed
  • Patented product.
  • Led’s

Finally, the Anderson style plug cover protects and hides your electrical connections on your towing location.

Source: Couplemate Trailer Parts

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 cm


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