Safety Chain & Holders

Military Herc Alloy Safety Chain and Safety Chain Holder Kits

Military Herc Alloy Safety Chain and Attachments for the military trailers towed by Trucks up to 30t (66,000lbs).

G80 high tensile chain, trailer chain holders and tow bar chain holders.

It can be really tricky to know how your rig and tow vehicle should be attached to chains.

Our team of experts is able to answer any questions for any rig combination.

Further, email Couplemate with questions.

Australian Military

The Australian military use rated high tensile chain and chain holders to attach trailers to trucks.

Although attachment separation occurs, safety chains limit or confine the carnage to a close proximity area behind the tow vehicle.

In conclusion, safety chains make towing safer.

Finally, in Australia, a high tensile chain is standard equipment for trailers over 3.5t (7,700lbs)

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