RV and Trailer Hubodometer

Hub-Odometer for boat trailers, car carriers, off-road trailers, and all utility hire trailers.

Hub-Odometer is factory tuned to your trailer exactly measures the total amount of miles your trailer has traveled. Ideal maintenance log.

An increasing number of hire trailers are wanting to know who many miles their caravan has traveller since its last service.

Critical areas are bearing wear, magnet wear and brake shoe wear.

It’s the small things that count

Trailers, especially hire trailers that do high mileage have high maintenance requirements.

Accurate log books are especially difficult when towing with multiple trailers.

One solution is a Hub-odometer that can be re-set after every service event.

Or at least, the logbook can be updated accurately.

Did you know your mileage is out as far as 10%? Compare your speedo with a GPS app on your phone.

I am sure you will be surprised. As a result of tire wear, the wheel travels further.

Finally, More information is located on our Australian website.

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