LED Plugs and Sockets

LED Trailer Plugs, Sockets, and Plug Covers

Led trailer plugs and associated sockets are the latest electrical equipment for trailers.

The visible indicator of electric trailer equipment saves time and possible traffic infringements. The LED indicators also give a visible warning of oxidized or corrosion causing connection failure. NO LED light is indicative of connection failure.

The 12 pin plug has 2 rows of terminals.

  • 7 Pins – 3mm cable (max)
  • 5 pins – 8mm cable (max)

7 Pin terminals are suitable for extra electrical circuits such as reversing lights.

5 Pin terminals are suitable for 12v equipment in the RV.

Also available is LED Plug Covers for Anderson Plugs. Plugs covers are powered with LED to indicate the plug is active and ready for use.

Further, the LED and Plug cover equipment are designed for the tough Australian Outback conditions. More information is found here.

Finally, electrical connections fail due to direct and corrosion of the electric terminals.